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Uncle Bonger

Custom Cannabis Containers

My journey with cannabis

My journey with cannabis began after I retired. Being new to cannabis, like a lot of people, I was frustrated with the dryness of the herb I could buy. As a traditional non-smoker, I found dry cannabis to be very harsh, causing coughing fits when smoked. I thought: "there has to be a better way to hydrate and store my bud..."

Initially, I tried the solutions found in local head shops. I found great products, but I could not find a sanitary, sustainable, and effective way to store and hydrate my cannabis. Cannabis requires a very specific environment to achieve an optimal smoking experience.  Most of the current solutions are plastic, ineffective, or highly over-priced. I wanted something inexpensive that could fit on a jar found in most households. 

My needs for a cannabis container are;

  • inexpensive,
  • widely available in various sizes, and
  • glass to maintain optimal moisture levels.

With these needs, there can only be one. I opted for the world-renowned wide mouth mason jar style, as it checks all the boxes for the perfect storage container and...

Uncle Bonger was born.


Uncle Bonger Pro Tip

Uncle Bonger Pro Tip

Try using boiling water instead of chemicals to clean your bong. Boiling water will dissolve the resins and get your bong clean enough. Pair with a quality glass cleaner once a week.